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KLM Capital invests and manages a diversified portfolio of startup companies in Communications, Information Technology and Semiconductor. While we invest in many U.S. based startup companies, we are also particularly interested in off-shore companies with a strong positioning for Greater China where they can maximize their chance to succeed by leveraging the best resources from both Continents. The majority of our investments are syndicated with other investment firms, most of which KLM led or co-led.

Adding Value to Your Growing Company
Building successful companies requires a lot more than just making new technologies work. KLM's responsibilities also do not stop at the close of a round of financing. Our rich operating experiences over the years have enabled us to build a broad and invaluable network of strategic partners in the U.S. and Greater China. Over the course of your company's growth, whether it is introductions to potential customers, suppliers, investors, or logistics partners, the KLM team can provide guidance and assist you in finding that missing piece of the puzzle.

What We Look For:

  • Promising seed or early stage (pre-revenue to growth phase) ventures
  • Substantial and differentiable technological innovations
  • Strategic fit into our investment focus areas
  • High potential growth in a significant total addressable market (TAM)
  • High-quality management team with direct experience
  • Common sense in financial and business assumptions
  • Dedication and passion for entrepreneurship

Submitting Your Business Plan
We invite you to email us with a 1-2 page Executive Summary and/or a 5 to 6-slide PowerPoint overview of your business: 1) company and team intro, 2) problem in the market you are addressing, 3) your solution to the problem, 4) market landscape, 5) financing needs and use of proceeds, 6) financial projection

Send the documents to: vlui@klmcapital.com

After we review your plan and find it to be a fit, we will invite you for a presentation. You should expect to present in more detail about your company, the technology and product, the competitive landscape, business model, and your current needs for financing and any other resources. This is the opportunity for you to articulate your company's competitive advantage and your understanding of your business to your potential investor and partner.

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